The Academy’s vision is to create well-rounded individuals that have a balance of interests and capabilities across multiple disciplines. The core activities The Academy provide are tennis, football, modern arts and languages for our juniors. We also place importance on providing Adults Fitness sessions, Family events and National Celebrations. 



Everyone has the ability to become an Athlete. Some children have a desire to run, jump and climb whereas others prefer to assess the situation before formulating their perfect route. Both options can result in the creation of highly-skilled, passionate and energetic sports fans. By children learning to conduct, behave and train as an Athlete they begin to form life-long habits as well as developing sports skills. Our Lessons for Athletes include; 

Tennis – Football – Multi-Sports – Basketball – Gymnastics – Swimming – Martial Arts 



A creative personality is beneficial to all as it encourages children to express their emotions and feelings through a developmental outlet. Along with this, artists learn fine motor-skills through an alternative means, whilst learning techniques for a lifetime as artists. 

Modern Arts – Drama – Music 



The importance of academic activities requires little explanation. The Academy academics lessons focuses on languages to encourage exploration of other cultures and bridge the gaps in communication between varying nationalities. The Academy also places an importance on knowledge of technology. 

French – Spanish – Arabic – Coding – Computing – STEAM

The Academy Term 2 Timetable
10:00-11:00amKarate Beg
11:00-12:00pmKarate Inters
1:00-2:00pmP/S Multi-Sports
P/S Gymnastics
P/S Multi-SportsP/S Multi-Sports
2:00-2:50pmRec Multi-SportsRec Multi-Sports
Rec Gymnastics
Rec Multi-Sports
2:50-3:50pmYear 1-3 FootballYear 1-3 Beg GymnasticsYear 1-3 Basketball
Year 1-3 Inter Gymnastics
Year 4-6 Inter Tennis
Arabic A French
Year 4-6 Football
Year 1-3 Tennis
3:50-4:50pmYear 4-6 FootballYear 4-6 BasketballYear 4-6 Beg Tennis
Term 2 Price List
Martial Arts10500
Pre-School Multi-Sports10650
Reception Multi-Sports10650
Membership Fee (New Members)250